Freemansburg Hillclimb and Bike Show

So this weekends ride took me once again out to Northhampton County PA. I keep this up I may end up with an honorary Lehigh degree. 🙂

Well I’m gonna assume you guys never made it to the Freemansburg Hillclimb and Bike Show during your days at Lehigh? Maybe you did? I know Scrounger has been out there a few times. I ended up riding out with my wife 2 up on the Tiger. She rarely shows much interest in bike related destinations so I was pleasantly surprised she decided to join me. I really think she just did it because others who were supposed to join me backed out and she felt bad that I was still going by myself. At any rate we had a good ride out and back on back roads. And both had fun at the event. The people watching was great. There was a lot of families and regular folks but also a ton of pirates and what (thanks to Pagan) I now refer to as Juggalo’s in attendance. Some real characters. In addition to the hill climb they have a bike show and a smokey burnout pit.

The thing that is truly the most amazing is the first time you see that hill. I mean talk about pictures not doing something justice. It is literally a near vertical climb. These guys are insane for riding up this thing.

They had multiple classes ranging from basically stock 4 stroke thumpers with extended swing arms to some really wild 200+ hp bikes running 100% nitrous and alcohol. One guy went up the hill in 9.7 seconds! It was sick! I’d say the average was about 17 seconds to give you a frame of reference as to how fast this guy was. Man you should have heard those bikes!

But by far for me the best event was what they call Verticross. It’s 3 bikes racing side by side up this hill. Winner is the one that makes it to the top first. Actually that makes it to the top period. The carnage in this event was staggering. Guys flipping over bars, guys riding over the top of them, bikes tumbling down the hill. Fantastic! I think 3 riders out of 5 heats of 3 made it to the top at all.


Now some pics:

Here’s a retarded Juggalo doing a Smokey burnout on a Yamaha Raptor quad.

Here’s the parking lot which as always was a better bike show then the actual bike show

Here’s a couple of different angles of the hill. Again pictures do not do it justice.