Americade 2012

By Konrad Urban



As I do on just about every get away day on one of these rides, I sat at my desk with a random excel and word document open manning the alt + tab button in case somebody walked by. Just so I looked like I was working you know. But really I was watching the every tick of the clock go by thinking about the Scram loaded up outside in the parking lot ready to roll. 2:30 hit and I creep out the backdoor to better riding weather I don’t believe I could get on request. Off to Plattekill rest area for me!
I was the first one there and man it was hot. So I decided to go inside and grab an ice scream. I get one of those Drumstick type cone’s and as I’m pulling off the wrapping the damn thing was broken in half and went down like a ton of bricks on the filthiest section of floor I believe I’ve ever seen. So I toss it. But the urge for the frozen fatty treat does not abate. Back in I go and grab another. The girl looks at me sort of weird, like didn’t I just sell you that 30 seconds ago weird. And I tell her about the disaster outside by the garbage. And she says take it for free man. Good people left even in a GSP convenience store. This is a good start to this trip!
I get outside and there’s the Maggots. A bit of glad handing and hugs. A confirmation on the address of the campground punched into the Zumo and off we went. The ride up was uneventful. We got a little rain but like the tough men and women we are we did not stop to put on our rain gear. We just got wet and kept riding till we got dry. Take that water! We pulled up to the Lake Venare cabins at about 6:45. Still plenty of time to get the lay of the land. We find cabin #1 which is our home for the weekend. It’s a typical Adirondack cabin, old, rustic, smells like a small rodent gave up the ghost somewhere in one of the interior walls and it’s mortal remains are taking their sweet time to return to dust. Perfect! We unpack and enjoy some wine’s and beer that’s been stuffed into saddle bags for the business end of the day. On the way in we noticed a decent looking Italian restaurant and a truly Maggot looking bar within walking distance from the cabin. And there’s the rest of the night right in front of us. Off to the Italian place first where we were treated to watching BOTA eat an entire large 8 slice pizza before we choked down our salads! Excellent work. We walk over to the which was perfectly called “The Longhorn Pub”. And filled with locals. Earlier, when we were still at the campground, our neighbor told us they was fixin to do something with a jet powered quad over there (his words). So naturally I was interested in getting there post haste. Later we found out they burned that quad for some reason. We missed it all. Fucking upstate hillbillies man. This was a good day.
Evil and I are up reasonably early considering the late night adventures the night before. We immediately go on the hunt for coffee. Neighbor across the way is out and about already and recommends a local grocery/convenience store. We ride over and the people are so nice. They hook us up with some free maps and Evil and I sit on the picnic table out front and lay out an ambitious route for the days ride (it ended up being 257 miles when all was said and done). The store people also recommend we hit the local American Legion for the good breakfasts they put on. We did end up eating there and it did not disappoint. Lots of good grease for $7. I always like eating at places like these. Sometimes the stuff isn’t good but it usually is and it’s always cheap. Plus I feel like I’m helping to preserve an American tradition by spending money at places like this and VFW halls and such.

At the moment it’s 10:30 there is light drizzle but the days forecast says it will quickly pass and it did. We were treated to a really phenomenal weather day on Sat. Absolutely perfect riding weather. We decided to leave the downtown visit for later in favor of getting out in the wind on the bikes. We rode East through Fort Ann NY and passed over into Vermont in Poultney destination is our family cabin in Middle Town Springs. We get to the cabin and to my surprise everyone digs it. Evil even asks if we can stay long enough for him to sit on the deck, listen to the stream trickle by, and smoke a cigar. We spent about 45 minutes there and discussed the possibility of a Maggot ride weekend from there. There are so many great roads around there, this would be a stellar trip I guarantee. You guys let me know if you want to do it and planning will begin.

So we head back East and then North along route 30 and follow the Southern tip of Lake Champlain. Then we head west on VT route 73 which is one of the best motoroads I ever road in my life so far. Period.  We cross over the lake in Sudbury VT on the the ferry. So much fun! Fort Ticonderoga was staring at us on the other side. It’s a shame there was no time to explore the fort. Maybe next time. Once we are back in NY we head east on NY route 74 another beautiful road. Lake Placid is the destination. We decide it’s time to put some time back in our pockets by hitting the slab on 87. Hovering around the ton was the order of this ride. It was fast and fun as hell. We get off on exit 30 and 9 North which turns into NY route 73. To me this road is really a jewel of the North East. I have been on it many times but it’s beauty never ceases to amaze. But unfortunately this road is no secret to anyone. It seems to be always roamed by the type of riding group that really burns my ass. This day was no exception. Slow riding, load, single file, randomly slowing down to take pictures.UUGGHH! We passed them all 🙂 You may remember this road was the scene of the bicycle riders passing us going up hill 2 years ago. Frustrating.

We get to Placid and decide on the previous Furious recommended Lake Placid Brewing Company.  Some of you may  remember this was the place I bent my Triumph key almost in half 2 years ago. No such bad luck this time. Some good beverages and food and we are back on the road. We followed are tracks back on 73 and had to deal with an even worse pack of sight seeing bikers. We passed the all again! Down 87 again all the way to Lake George. Again hovering around the ton most of the ride. We were full of it on that ride man. Wanted to hurry back.

We get back and amazing find parking spots on the street in front of the Lobster Pot. We hit a bar down by the water and had a good time. We came back up by the bikes and hung out at the outside bar at the Lobster Pot watching the typicaldouchebaggery unfold in front of us. Fat women, smokey burn outs, sport bikes bouncing off their rev limiters, drunk dudes demanding to see tits. I love this place! We eat at the Lobster Pot and decide it’s about time to head back to LakeVenare. Evil decides to have a cigar and head to bed at the cabin. We decide we haven’t had enough and walk back to the Longhorn. We finally made it to bed around 1. Another good day.


Evil and I head back to the grocery/convenience store in search of coffee again. It’s another brilliant weather day. Everyone keeps telling us the entire week had been a wash out until Friday. We lucked out. We decide we are gonna skip the previous nights scheme to hit the vendors before we leave town and we just leave town again. We get about 20 miles north of Albany and Evil spots his favorite Cracker Barrel. We stop for some food. Once back on 87 southbound the unthinkable happens. Two idiots on those popular street glides with the big wheels come flying by us. We were going 80 on the GPS. These clowns were lane splitting at 80 + and there was a lot of traffic. Evil’s reaction was classic. You all know the edict “Nobody passes us!”. So he goes after them. So funny. I look over at BOTAand Annie and their laughing.

It was a fun weekend. 706 total miles for me. Can’t wait for the next one!

Evil I owe you $10