A Weekend of Colors; Including Grey

A Weekend of Colors; Including Grey.

Commentary and pictures on the Colors in the Catskills 2012 / Hunter Mountain weekend event by RCFurious.

Part of me wants to write a bit of a story, an elaborate ride report of sorts, maybe a few paragraphs.  I don’t know how to do that without making it in some sort of business spreadsheet format like I’m bringing colleagues up to speed on a particular project plan with groupings of bulleted points.  It’s Sunday, I just got back from a long weekend, a weekend without any work pressures or any other type of pressure excluding the type that says “I ate way too many German meats and had a couple healthy man sized beers”.  We started on Friday, ended on Sunday, the quick weekend up at Hunter Mountain was a simple distraction to life’s responsibilities written about only in past tense already.

Just the facts….  Mixed weather for the ride up on Friday with Konrad and Headman.  Man without Bike (MWB) was driving the Tacoma directly to the mountain.  The weather was moderately cold and moderately rainy which made final approach at Hunter to be sweet indeed.  The condo grounds looked fresh and well landscaped, a thought that reoccured through the weekend, which assisted in my enjoyment of the accommodations.  Drinks and dinner had more than a couple of us, including BOTA & Thinker, in great spirits.  Konrad disappeared during dinner to meet Headman, we noted an open barraks door as we walked up to Headquarters.










Saturday started with curiosity of the Max BMW Event and the Oktoberfest.  For some, curiousity for beer tasting started before leaving Headquarters.  I had comforts of Starbucks mocha drink from the lodge store the night prior. The Oktoberfest event offered more beer and coffee whatever you wanted.  There was everything from stereotypical choices to not so obvious choices like fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato wraps (it was good with a $5 fresh lemonade).  There was no german Thai food or german sushi which was in the back of my head the entire time – would have loved some asian cuisine but not the chinesse joint down the street.  One day someone will open a Sushi shack next to the funnel cake tent.










Max BMW had a guest stunt rider who was purely awesome, I was jealous at his skill and control with a significant machine.  His name was Thatch McDickels, at least that’s what I remember.  After Mr. McStunty completed his intense display of commanding some hot-shot BMW model, the adventuresome Maggots had ridden over 100 miles around the general Hunter area.












The more reckless maggots continued to enjoy the german carny food and drink.  At one point, these two reckless maggots had learned that beer and cigars were allowed up the mountain via the skylift.  Of course said maggots had sat far away from each other as to not be mistaken for Siamese twins, gay, or persons of conjoined twin mylexia (CTM) for which, coincidentally, there was a CTM convention at the Hilton down the street.  It was cold and rainy but the most reckless maggots had shared laughs telling the people heading up the mountain how it was hailing or snowing up top – we were all cold and wet – the weekend was cold and wet in its entirely but bellies were full of german brew.  There was some watching of Terminator on VHS, cartoon network, CNN, the Rider Cup, some Football and the Fifth Element – oh and Shawn of the Dead.












Evil Bill had joined the Friday arrivals by Saturday morning.  We all went to dinner at the lodge while BOTA was at a wedding reception not too far from the mountain.  We all had different schedules after a fine dinner.  There was some very nasty bodily gasses escaping mister “that’s spelled with a C” hole – gasses created by Great Value snacks – what a great value.  There should be a “tight as family” reference right about here also.  Sunday morning arrives after another night of beer and decent food.  We cleaned up our condos, left the cleaning crew a neat and tidy place with a $5 tip for each room to assist in any things that need to be ignored.  We departed in the same weather that greeted us on Friday.

Total distance: 168414 m
Total time: 04:39:35
Download file: sat hunter ride 9-28-12.gpx

Garmin GPS track of the route taken by Konrad, Evil, and others on Saturday (above)










The way home was familiar for the NJ & PA bound participants.  We drove down to 28, past Fleishmans, through the reservoir that was 15 feet lower than in May, and then on to Roscoe.  The reservoir was grand as usual.












By Monticello we had seen the first solid sun light all weekend.  It somehow gave me a panic attack whiler iding.  Was very interesting, not knowing if I was having a heart attack, was shivering cold, extremely tense in the arms and neck, cramps in upper back.  Ended up stopping for a warm up slash “get a grip” break for which Konrad was kind enough to make casual conversation for 15-20 minutes till I was ready to ride again.  I guess that adds to my riding experience; suppressing an obvious heart attack (or just indigestion) without pulling over for at least 27 minutes.












The final stretch between Monticello and North Jersey became cloudy – our destination seemed laden with ominous weather as we rode toward building clouds and light rain.  Konrad pointed at the rain clouds and shook his head…  we left in the rain and returned in the rain.  Probably getting in to our NJ homes at the same time, we saw heavy downpours as we pulled the bikes in to their respective quarters.











That is Konrad riding in to the storm.  It was a good weekend as I achieved my weekend goals.  Hope the other maggots had a great time also.