A Furious Recollection: Evilcade 2008

I’ve basically packed it in for riding for the remainder of 2012. I may run the bikes another Indian summer fall day but for the most part I’m done. So how could a person as tentative about riding as myself contribute to this great motomaggot site in a unique manner? Well, the answer is simple, a furious recollection. But what exactly is a furious recollection? Answer – its simply some nice ride pictures from days past with some light and non-incriminating commentary.

Let’s take a look a how this would work using Evilcade 2008 as an example. You might be wondering why I would pick Evilcade 2008 for the first recollection. Basically we were riding for enough hours that I was slightly fidgety and found myself snapping pictures while riding. This actually resulted in a lost video camera on a twilight lit highway for which there was a temperamental explosion of fury delivered to my shitty $300 velcro’d windscreen that ended up in a gas station garbage – witnessed by only a gas attendant, random mother and kids, and of course, Science himself.

Although not a picture taken while riding, this picture is one of the best for the entire trip. It’s got everything going for it; the predominate riders, the reason for riding, the motivation and the scenery.








The next photo is one which should not have been taken by the operator of a motorcycle.  This is a great picture of Plan B who joined us at the beginning of the Skyline Drive.  Pretty wild bike and it was a great time sharing the road on this perfect fall day.








We see here a typical sweep so common of the BRP.  This is at Alder Gap around mile 251 at an elevation of ~3000FT.  Great riding day.








Another similar shot but further down the BRP.








So many pictures to share…








My favorite picture from the entire trip…








We stopped for gas after what seemed like a few hundred miles at the end of the first day down to Troutville or wherever.  As soon as I was ready to sit down with my coffee, Evil, the first time I met him no less, gets on his bike and says something like “let’s go you bunch of pussys”.  I’m not sure that’s exactly what he said but that’s what I heard.  Also, gas couldn’t have been more expensive ever and the original image quality for the particular photo was really decent.



  1. konradurban says:

    Great write up and picks Mr. F. Man I want to go ride the BRP right now!

  2. admin says:

    Some notes:

    Mr. Furious got that nickname instantly, as I watched him throw a tantrum at that gas station in Virginia, in the dark and cold. I thought of Ben Stiller from the movie “Mystery Men” and it was perfect.

    On that day, we left Cherokee NC, rode through Deals Gap (a.k.a. “The Dragon”), through Knoxville TN and up route 81 for a total of 750+ miles. This was amazing considering Furious had never rode a motorcycle more than 100 miles from home ever up until that point! That night, I though he was a broken man but it turns out he is made of stronger stuff and has done many other grueling rides since.

    My only regret is that we didn’t push on early in the morning and do the 250 miles that would have netted us a Saddlesore 1,000.

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