A Furious Recollection: Death Valley 2010

A Furious Recollection:  Death Valley 2010
7 work colleagues had signed up for Pagan’s Death Valley ride agenda just prior to a business converence in Las Vegas. This was my first ride out of Vegas but Scrounger and Pagan had certainly experienced the awesomeness of this area in the past.  Pagan was the logistical officer for this particular trip.

We rented our Harley’s from Eagle Rider Vegas.  The bikes ranged from the base Road King Classic to brand new and upgraded Street Glides.  I am convinced that the Street Glide was born specifically for the great expanses of highway of the southwest US.  What an awesome bike and what awesome roads to ride.

So here we are well out of Vegas and well past Parumph and heading towards Death Valley which was 26 miles from this point.








Death Valley is 282 feet below see level and is about 85 miles from Mount Whitney which stands at 14,505 feet (4,421 m).  Here is a picture of us riding right in to Death Valley were there was a sign way way up on the mountain face that says “Sea Level”…  pretty cool.  Right after Death Valley was the town of Furnace Creek where we stopped for grub and gas.  Furnace Creek hold the world record for hottest temp ever recorded at 134 °F (56.7 °C) on July 10, 1913.  We visited in November timeframe so it was only about 102 °F.  Eagle Rider had disclaimers that the would not bail you out of trouble for taking air cooled bikes through the previously recorded hottest place on earth.








There was plenty of mountains down to the Valley then plenty of Mountains back up…  you would plateau for 25 miles before hitting another mountain range of great turns.  We eventually mad our way to the Sierra Mountain range in California where we spent the night at a perfect Motomaggot motel.








As you can see the weather and visibility was just perfect.  We are heading back down from Sierra to Furnace Creek.  As we get closer we hit the official Death Valley Nation Park visitor sign where we stopped for a quick break – Scrounger is featured hugging the sign in the picture below.  Eventually we make our way back to Vegas.  It was one of the best trips I’ve ever experienced.  Best range of dry weather, best roads for cruising Harleys, great company and awesome food…  and hundreds of miles of great music in my helmet!  Awesome.


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