Maggot Road Name: BOTA (Biker Of The Apocalypse)

Current Rides: 2011 HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic (Barashakushu)  HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic (The Red Baron), 1991 HD FXRS-CONV Low Rider Convertible (Lucifer). Caretaker of Crash Test Dummie’s piece of shit one cylinder Jap bike

Location: Westchester County NY, bedroom community for New York City


BOTA is THE original Maggot. Yes, he has two nearly exactly identical Electra Glides. So what?

Favorite Road Music: Bagpipes, ABBA

Most Often Heard Quote:



  1. thynk3r says:

    Worst music taste EVAH!

  2. biff says:

    Snow White finally found her Prince Charming???

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