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BOTA’s Poltergeist

Either these boys (or girls – I guess) get around, or I’ve got both places covered now.

Details :

5:00AM (dark)
Different make of camera than house
Never false alarms



As seen in East Hanover yesterday: None Of The Gear, All The Time. Note the espadrilles, skinny jeans (white! the anti-biker color) and “DOT” helmet… On a Sportbike!


Spark plugs vs. Helmets

There are Maggots who have said “The one who has the most spark plugs wins!”. I presume me means spark plugs that are actually installed in cylinders and firing combustion in a functioning engine.

But I say “The one with the most HELMETS wins”


Evil and Thinker send Biff a message from Hunter Mountain

A message to Biff from Evil Bill and Thinker, attending the BMW Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain:

Name the Mystery Maggot

For those who know him, the t-shirt is the giveaway.

BOTA’s porch, Saturday prepping for the Brit Jam ride that never was. It’s like a preview of the BOTApocalypse: A boy, his pistol, and his rat. The pistol protects him from roving bands of cannibals, and the rat helps sniff out still-edible food from the wreckage of society. “Go, squaky! Go find me some twinkies!”

Can you name the maggot? This is from Saturday August 18, 2012. Maggots gathered at BOTAs house to stage for the Connecticut Brit Jam ride on Sunday.