Leo Vince Carbon Fiber


Well I finally made a decision to upgrade the exhaust on my Tiger. I was looking for a decent price point, some weight savings, a little better sound, and a good looking can. So far I am really happy with the results. The added bonus has been that even after a couple of hours of riding, the can is barely hot to the touch. The installation was a snap. Comparing the weight of this thing to the stock one is a joke. It’s less than half the stock one’s weight! At $346 shipped, it was only a third of the cost of the alternatives I was looking at. It has a db killer installed and I have yet to pull it out to see how it sounds. I may at some point but actually am pretty happy with the sound with it in there. It had a big old Leo Vince decal on it, but I pulled it off. Thought it looked better with out.

I have not yet done anything as far as remapping yet. Triumph sells a factory option Arrow pipe with a specific map to optimized for the freer flowing can. LV claims this one I’ve got works fine with the stock map and the Arrow map. I think I will put some miles on it like this and decide down the road if I wanna do the remap. Considering this is my “touring” bike I don’t really know if the added umph (however much it actually is) is worth the drop in mpg.

I did find this great free app online called TuneECU http://www.tuneecu.com/

Maybe some of you guys are familiar? TuneECU is a software tool for the reprogramming, diagnosis and testing of the ECU fitted to EFI Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, and Benelli bikes. I was able to get the latest version of the stock Tiger map and the Arrow map from that site. I picked up a USB/OBDII cable with FTDI chip set from Amazon for $20 and I’m already to go. I also pulled the huge, restictive, stock hard plastic air intake and replaced it with a sweet UNI pre-filter.

Now I just need to find the guts to actually do it (considering the potentially warranty voiding factor of it). 🙂