1967 Triumph T100C

This 1967 Triumph T100C is the US specification with a single carb, high level exhausts on left, 2 gallon tank no rack to 66 scheme, polished alloy mudguards, off road equipment, Lucas 679 rear light.  The 1967 model was most noted for the new stronger, lighter and lower frame featuring increased rake and with greatly improved support at the headstock and swinging arm.  The frame design is derived from the successful 1966 Daytona Winning machines. Percy Tait, a former professional motorcycle road racer and senior road tester for Triumph motorcycles who clocked over a million miles of road testing, had a similar bike which is now in the National Motorcycle Museum in the UK.
Anyway… I came across this bike on eBay one evening and had offered the seller to end the auction early.  The seller had brought it over my house in the morning, unloaded it and said to give it a kick.  He pointed out that the numbers matched and that the engine was cold so he didn’t have it warming up prior to its arrival.  So we tickle the carb to get the juices flowing and it started on the second kick.  This was the spring of 2010.  Since then the bike has been largely ignored, only rode a handful of times, collecting dust and losing charge till recently.
The bike has just had a major tune up which was a learning experience for sure.  It was quickly discovered how little I knew about that particular motorcycle but was willing to learn and had the workshop manual as a decent guide.  The bike was partially rewired to stabilize the positive chassis grounds.  This included a new rectifier and validating all of the ignition wiring including the electronic conversion.  Some new plugs + lead wires and validate that the oil pressure sensor is working and oil is flowing.  Found that there was 150lbs of compression for each of the two cylinders which is pretty damn good.  There is certainly some imperfections like no RPM gauge and different handlebars than stock… these things accompany some paint imperfections and a few other things that could use a bit of attention.
Its running great now… the brakes suck, the handling sucks but I think it was the era machine opposed to a newer Triumph Speed Triple.  I wanted to sell it but I’m having conflicted thoughts after reviewing the bike, cleaning the carbs, learning the electrical system and test riding the bike in 20 degree weather!  It much more personal now and I have a new appreciation for the bike also – both its outstanding coolness and its imperfections.  I’d be sad to see it go at $10,000 bucks at this point.  Perhaps I can ride the bike a few times this spring to local events like the chatterbox to see what kind of attention she draws.  Deuces.

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  1. biff says:

    She’s a beautiful bike, Furious. I’m sure she would have trouble hauling my fat ass around, but it would be fun to give her a go. She reminds me of my first couple of bikes from the late 60’s / early 70’s. You take some nice photos as well. I say keep her!

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