1967 Triumph T100c Update

The short version:  New handlebars.

The long version:  It’s a Sunday and I’m feeling like adding content to Motomaggots.com hence the update.  Part of me feels like rambling about this or that but I… nevermind.  The 2007 Speed Triple has been sold rather quickly.  There was only a two calls on the green machine and the second had come to survey then bought exactly a week after the for-sale post hit craigslist.  I feel good about this and hope the new owner has good luck.  He bought the bike despite that we could not find neutral when the engine was running.  He bought the bike after the honest bits about have warranty replacement electronics and a gear box.  He bought the bike after being seeing the scars and knowing they came from the ground.  He bought the bike for the same reasons I would have.  I’ll say thanks to Pagan for directing my attention to the Speed Triple on purchase day summer 2008.

So the 1967 Triumph continues to receive minor updates like new handlebars.  First off, the handlebars that have been on the bike were like half-sized ape hangers…  way too Fonzy for me and not the original style.  New handlebars ordered from The Bonneville Shop in Colorado.  They also furnished lots of advice and parts like original eyebrow tank badges.

Badges?  We don’t need no stinkin badges!  But you do need badges on the early model motorcycles and especially Triumph.  The tanks were completely known for the ‘badges’.  Some were blocky, some were eyebrow shaped, full chrome, painted backgrounds, etc, etc.

The future of this particular bike will be some light restoration… new UK manufactured clamps one day and perhaps even a new replicate paint job from Hutchison Cycles in Mass.  They seem to be the authority on color match, layering and 2 tone patterns but having a painted is about $800, add badges another $150, add knee pads another $75 and so on… it adds up and then all of a sudden you could have a $10,000 restoration but a T100c (500cc) will only fetch $7500 at max in top condition.



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