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My New Ride

Picking up my brand new 2016 BMW R1200GS Triple Black at MAX BMW on 4th of July weekend. After selling my beloved Triumph Tiger 800XC, and taking a brief detour on a sport touring bike, I am back where I belong, on and adventure bike. Best bike I’ve ever owned! But then again they’ve all been the best bike I’ve ever owned, when I owned them 🙂








Chatterbox Thursday Night Bike Nights

FYI for any locals or those just interested in a destination to validate a reason for a ride, Thurs night bike nights at the Chatterbox are officially starting up this coming Thurs May 2nd and run to Sept. I usually get there most weeks if I can as it’s only a few miles from my house. Let me know if you ever plan on coming up. I’ll meet you there or on the road somewhere and we can ride a bit and check out the bikes.

Come To The Maggot Website…..Or Else!

The Turn Hole Tunnel Near Jim Thorpe PA

Rode out to Jim Thorpe Pa on Sunday with a few other dudes to check out this old tunnel. It was really a cool place especially if you dig trains and train history. There are a lot of great twisty roads in the area too. Scrounger has been there before and can attest. Maybe some others have seen it already?

If you are ever in the area and looking for a cool day ride destination, I’d definitely recommend it.



The Modern Rider

No longer has any need for such antiquated tools such as screw drivers or wrenches.  Or socks! 🙂

The Modern Rider dazzles his friends with the tools of tomorrow!

Brit Jam Ride This Weekend

Is this still going down?


Btw nice job on the site Mike!