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The Motorcycle Magotts (aka Maggots or Motomaggots) are a motorcycle club founded in July 1993 by a core of riders who were friends during their frat days at Lehigh University in the mid/late 1980’s. The very first magott is undoubtedly BOTA who was arguably the first magott to get a bike and the one who organized the trip on which the magotts were born.

Motomaggot group shot Bingcade 2002

Motomaggots posing on the way to Somerset PA during Bingcade 2002. The ride was on the way to the Flight 92 memorial and a swing past Mountain Boss Hoss (note Bing’s Boss Hoss in the foreground)

In the photo above, left to right: Biff, Bing (his V8 Boss Hoss in the foreground), Thinker, MJ, SCIENCE, BOTA, Scrounger, Bee, and Evil Bill


The Southern Ride

This genesis-ride, forever known as “The Southern Ride” was the first attempt at  a long motorcycle trip. Nowadays we’d just call this average, but at the time it was a big deal to set off on a multi-day ride as far south as (gasp!) West Virginia.  Some day BOTA can fill in more details, but it involved a search for America’s roots and moonshine, and an attempt to live solely off of Taco Bell food way before the documentary “Supersize Me.”

Roots of the name “Magotts”

In the mid 1980’s, for obscure reasons related to old war movies starring Telly Savalis and the verbal quirks of a Cambodian friend-of-a-friend from Silver Spring Maryland, the men of a certain fraternity at Lehigh University were pronde to calling each other “maggot” as a term of manly endearment.  So when the riders pulled into an RV park one night on motorcycles, in pissing rain, and pitched their pathetic cheap tents they noticed that the Regular Citizens in their cozy RV’s with generators and picnic furniture had set up signs in their campsites announcing the name of the family. “The Joneses” and “The Smiths” or whatever. Someone took a torn piece of cardboard and a chunk of charcoal and scrawled “The Biker Magotts” (with the letter “s” printed in reverse like a kindergartener). It seemed humorous at the time.

Ever since then this group has been The Magotts. Often it is mispelled correctly as The Maggots due to autocorrection and laziness, or the Biker Maggots to differentiate the group from fly larvae.


Over time, the Maggots added additional riders from the same fraternity at Lehigh. Biff and SCIENCE were notable early additions. Later came Bing. Meanwhile, friends joined like Thinker, Evil Bill, MJ, Plan B, and Ccarl Spackler. Eventually FOAFs and co-workers joined such as Scrounger, Mr. Furious, Konrad Urban, and others. We are always open to new maggots.

We tend to be located in the New York City and mid-Atlantic area. There are maggots around Philadelphia and the Chesepeake Bay Area. One maggot lives in Jakarta, Indonesia but only until maybe 2014. New maggots are usually welcome but we have a few requirements:

  • We don’t care what brand of bike you ride, but we do care that you ride. Real rides, not just to the local hangout and back. We are not a touring group, and at least one maggot swears to axe-murder the first maggot to buy a Gold Wing, but we expect a certain commitment to the sport of motorcycle riding. Do some distances, show up at track days, or go off road, but RIDE.
  • We don’t care what you look like or what your background is. You are going to be abused. Maggots insult other maggots mercilessly. If you do not have a thick skin, consider an alternative like the CMOA.
  • We ride and drink. NOT drink and ride. there is a difference. If you can’t accept binge drinking at the end of a ride, look elsewhere. This is a club formed from Lehigh University alumni from back in the day when the University encouraged on-campus binge drinking as a way of controlling the unruly nerd population.
  • Maggot ages span the late 20’s to early 70’s
  • Maggots ride fast. Maggots ride slow.  But Maggots never leave a man behind, especially if he has hypothermia from riding in June with inadequate gear.


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