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Cars & Croissants May 2017 at Paul Miller Porsche in Denville NJ

The biggest Cars & Croissants event of the year is the one hosted at Paul Miller Porsche in mid-Spring. I went there alone this year to take some pictures for your perusal. Note that at this point I barely bother to take pictures of Ferraris and Lamborghinis… there are just so many of them! And Porsches… there are several hundred 911 derivatives so only the most modified or unique are worth a picture.

Here they are:

My Elise May 2017

Obligatory picture of my own car. Yes, it is filthy. It looks like it was attacked by giant pelagic squids due to suction cup ring marks from the GoPro mounts I used in last November’s BWI Autocross. I washed it later that day and applied Zaino in my annual cleaning ritual.


Lotus Elise S1 Rover engine

The older Elise that was never imported to the USA had a Rover motor with a whopping 130 horsepower

Lotus Elise S1 back Lotus Elise S1 side

Lotus Elise S1 front

This is the Lotus Elise Series 1 (S1). This version was never imported into the USA, so the owner brought it in as a track-only grey market car.

The owner of this car was pretty friendly and willing to chat about his rare non-Federal Elise… until we saw contrails in the sky. Then he immediately went full tinfoil-hat crazy telling me about chemtrails. It was very awkward and difficult for me to escape. Proves that Lotus owners all have one form of mental problem or another 🙂

The mighty Volvo 1800; the only classic Volvo worth getting excited over


Volvo 1800 backside. Dig those fins!


Thos are some bizarre doors! Eat your heart out, Gull-Wing Mercedes!

A Kaiser of some kind. Clearly massively restored and monochromatic


One Porsche worth showing, because of the really cool wheels and brakes

Prsche in Gulf livery, pretending to be a Ford GT.





AMG gT interior- preeeetttyyyyy!

AMG GT hind quarters

There was at least one more AMG GT, but I can’t find the picture I took

Obligatory extreme classic

This Jaguar E-type shows up often


Rat-car Miata has some boost…


Pay close notice to the header panel. Clearly a hack job. We all know that header panels are best repaired with blue painter’s tape spray-painted black, SS-style.


This Miata is no showpiece, but I guarantee you it is raced


You don’t need to be exotic to come to C&C. I’m proud of you, Dad!


Beetle Chopper backside


Aworthily weird VW Beetle… chopper?


This was found under the trunk of a Corvetted Coupe


Another view of the over-graphice’ed CTS-V


Something is up with this Caddy CTS-V


Viper ACR… there were several of thse


Alfa 4C – the Lotus Elise Wannabe.

Corvette ZR1’s abounded

WTF is this?


Oblicitory Austin-Healy 3000. He shows up all the time.


Random old “murrican car

Random old Amer’can car


Nice Lotus Exige S with a bigass wing


‘nother ZR1


BMW i8 – the only one there.


Another AMG GT


Lotus Esprit, in honor of the passing of Sir Roger Moore.


Abarth: pronounced “not a Mini Cooper”




Old Porsche is Best Porsche



the MR2 boys are back


That’s all for now.