My New Ride

Picking up my brand new 2016 BMW R1200GS Triple Black at MAX BMW on 4th of July weekend. After selling my beloved Triumph Tiger 800XC, and taking a brief detour on a sport touring bike, I am back where I belong, on and adventure bike. Best bike I’ve ever owned! But then again they’ve all been the best bike I’ve ever owned, when I owned them 🙂









  1. science says:

    Thanks for letting me test ride the new bike along the shores of Greenwood Lake so soon after you bought it. You are a trusting soul 🙂 I have always liked BMW boxer twins, and the new air/water cooled motor produces so much power and torque that it takes away my one reservation on owning one myself.

    Might have to consider trading the Buell on an R1200RT once the air/water cooled models start showing up on the used bike market.

  2. konradurban says:

    And thank you for letting me throw a leg over that new Italian beast of yours. I am pretty confident in saying I have not ridden a faster bike then that one, ever. That one may put you driver license in danger.

    On the new GSW front lemme say that I just ticked over 3500 miles on the bike this past weekend doing an 1154 mile trip in 4 days down to WV and back that was bookended by 2 400+ mile days. This bike is absolutely brilliant! On the highway, poised and powerful with great wind protection and the cruise control man, where have you been all my life! In the twisty’s with the bike set to Dynamic mode and the suspension set to Hard, it plays the most convincing sport bike I’ve eve seen a big bike like this play. Even hit some dirt roads and it handled them like a true enduro.

    I know you like the RT and I totally get why, I’ll just throw this out there, don’t discount getting a used GSW. I think you’ll find 90% of what your looking for in the RT in the GSW but with the added bonus of less weight and more rough road comfort.

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