Chatterbox Thursday Night Bike Nights

FYI for any locals or those just interested in a destination to validate a reason for a ride, Thurs night bike nights at the Chatterbox are officially starting up this coming Thurs May 2nd and run to Sept. I usually get there most weeks if I can as it’s only a few miles from my house. Let me know if you ever plan on coming up. I’ll meet you there or on the road somewhere and we can ride a bit and check out the bikes.


  1. science says:

    Pretty good turnout for the first bike nite of the season. Great to see Furious, Thinker, Konrad, and “no nickname Neil” (N3?)

    Hashed out some itinerary ideas for the Banjo Ride…

  2. thynk3r says:

    its thynk3r dude…

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