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Riding in not-quite-December

Yesterday I accepted Mr. Furious’ invitation to go to his weekly power breakfast in Newton NJ. The location was the Hampton Diner off Route 206, about 45 minutes on the road from my house. When I poked my head outside to check the weather, it seemed clear that it was going to be a bike day (and I had put the Buell on the battery tender the night before), so I rolled the bike out into the brisk morning. Our outdoor thermometer stopped working so I didn’t check the temperature. It was 36 degrees F, I later learned. At the time it seemed moderate, so I wore the Aerostitch Darien with a fleece liner and a light skier’s zip neck. Regular Levis on my legs, and a pair of Held Warm ‘n Dry gloves on my hands.

Once I hit the highway I realized I had left off one crucial piece of riding gear: neck protection. Frozen sandpaper raked the exposed inch of skin between my helmet and the top of my jacket. Quite uncomfortable, but not dangerous. One of those things that you just tough it out for such a short ride.

Breakfast was great. Nothing like a cold ride to wake you up and a diner breakfast to warm you up. Nice to hang out with some of Furious’ other friends including John the Cop, Neil Who Does Not Ride Anymore, and a new guy I had not met before.

During breakfast I heard the people at the next table talk about how it was snowing at their house. Huh? Uh-oh. Upon leaving the snow had made it’s way to Newton, and I got to do my first snow ride of the season. It was just flurrying and not sticking to the road at all so safety was not a problem. But it proved once again that if you want it to snow, just convince me to ride any time between Thanksgiving and April Fool’s Day.  I had taken extra care to zip and protect my neck so it was a little less harsh on the way back. The Wam ‘n Dry Held’s once again proved their value, and my hands were very warm with the handlebar electrics turned on, so Konrad can take that as an endorsement of his purchase.

A good ride for a late Fall day!