The Turn Hole Tunnel Near Jim Thorpe PA

Rode out to Jim Thorpe Pa on Sunday with a few other dudes to check out this old tunnel. It was really a cool place especially if you dig trains and train history. There are a lot of great twisty roads in the area too. Scrounger has been there before and can attest. Maybe some others have seen it already?

If you are ever in the area and looking for a cool day ride destination, I’d definitely recommend it.




  1. science says:

    I have been to this tunnel many times. So have other maggots: BOTA, Bing, Biff… This was the site of a yearly fraternity hazing ritual that the core maggots from Lehigh performed. I can’t go into the details on pain of… pain of… crankiness? But I will say this: It’s inside Hickory Run state park, and each year the ski instructors from Big Boulder would do a mountain bike ride in the same area at the end of ski season. Ten years after graduating college, I did that ride with the ski school. They told me the ride would end at this amazing place, apparently the site of “satanic rituals.” We got to the place where there were (I kid you not) 10,000 wax candle stubs all over the rocks on the edge of a cliff above that tunnel. I was gasping for air from laughing. I recognized the place, though I had never been there during daylight hours. I had placed several hundred of those candles myself, and I can tell you there was NOTHING satanic in those rituals, less’n you consider beer and weed satanic. It never occurred to me that we were leaving behind a mystery for others to ponder.

  2. BOTA says:

    Konrad see any candles?

    I’ve heard randoms talk about ‘candles from a plane / satanic rituals…’



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