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Cycle World calls the Maggots “Freaks fo Nature”

I just got this month’s Cycle World (Nov. 2012), and in the “Roundup” section there is an article by Peter Jones entitled: “Can I Test Drive Your Personality.” In it he claims that there is an unbreakable rule among motorcyclists which makes it unthinkable for a motorcyclist to ask another motorcyclist for a test ride of his bike.

If that’s the case, then we Magotts are total freaks of biker nature. We ask to ride each other’s bikes all the time, especially if it is a new bike, or if the owner had done some performance mod, or if it’s a type of bike we don’t normally ride. Every time Scrounger adds a new farkle to his Electra Glide, I like to sample it. I’m still waiting for him to fully sort the Race Tech suspension upgrade so that I can see how it handles. This past May we pretty much all swapped bikes for the last push back from the Delaware Phoenix to the Alpine Club.

Considering how difficult it is to get a test ride from a dealer (virtually impossible!), and the truly lame nature of test rides at current bike ralleys (BMW and H-D being the only exceptions), borrowing a friend’s bike is one of the only ways to try out a different brand or style of bike.

So I say, if we are freaks of nature, then let there be more freaks! It will help the motorcycle industry.

Evil and Thinker send Biff a message from Hunter Mountain

A message to Biff from Evil Bill and Thinker, attending the BMW Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain:

BMW of Manhattan Oktoberfest ride 10/6

Call for maggots to do a day ride with BMW of Manhattan on October 6.  Details here.

The Turn Hole Tunnel Near Jim Thorpe PA

Rode out to Jim Thorpe Pa on Sunday with a few other dudes to check out this old tunnel. It was really a cool place especially if you dig trains and train history. There are a lot of great twisty roads in the area too. Scrounger has been there before and can attest. Maybe some others have seen it already?

If you are ever in the area and looking for a cool day ride destination, I’d definitely recommend it.