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The Modern Rider

No longer has any need for such antiquated tools such as screw drivers or wrenches.  Or socks! 🙂

The Modern Rider dazzles his friends with the tools of tomorrow!

Colors in the Catskills – Hunter Mountain – 9/28 & 9/29

Quick status on the upcoming catskills trip…

Rain or Shine:  We have 2 separate condos lined up to fit 6-8 maggots in style and comfort.  The total cost with taxes is $832 which is $135 Per Person for 6 Maggots for the weekend.  There will be kitchens in each condo so feel free to pack some food.  If the weather is completely hosed for the weekend then I’ll be driving up for a relaxing weekend hoping they have a nice 1080p with good movie options.

Critical Mass:  The following people expressed commitment early and therefore have sleeping arrangements which does not include the floor.  We have 5 beds and 6 people which is a decent ratio.  Konrad Urban / Furious / Man Without Bike / Evil / Pagan / Heady. 

Got Rooms?  Additional maggots should consider getting another 2 bed condo for ONLY $346 for the weekend including taxes and fees.  This is pretty reasonable for two or three people to split.  Be sure to ask for the ‘colors event discount’.  There is also mountain camping for a cheap $30 weekend – no discount.

Hunter accommodations = 518-263-5580





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Konrad and Diavel

Konrad Urban demonstrates:

  1. Proper countersteering technique on Wonder-Woman’s invisible motorcycle?
  2. How to leap off a Ducati Diavel and stick the landing like an Olympic gymnast?
  3. What he would do if the Diavel owner hadn’t shouted “Hey you kids, get offa my bike!”

Konrad Uband and Ducati Diavel

Name the Mystery Maggot

For those who know him, the t-shirt is the giveaway.

BOTA’s porch, Saturday prepping for the Brit Jam ride that never was. It’s like a preview of the BOTApocalypse: A boy, his pistol, and his rat. The pistol protects him from roving bands of cannibals, and the rat helps sniff out still-edible food from the wreckage of society. “Go, squaky! Go find me some twinkies!”

Can you name the maggot? This is from Saturday August 18, 2012. Maggots gathered at BOTAs house to stage for the Connecticut Brit Jam ride on Sunday.

New ride report posted

Pagan the Younger gives his take on Bike Nite at the Chatterbox:


Brit Jam Ride This Weekend

Is this still going down?


Btw nice job on the site Mike!

Testing GPS plugin

Let’s see if the GPS plugin works.

Total distance: 296105 m
Total time: 09:56:34
Download file: Pagancade 2007 Kadis-Alpine-TC.gpx